Mein intensivstes, ausdrucksstäkstes, bewegendstes und für mich persönlich bestes Foto muss hier gewürdigt werden, auch wenn das Portrait schon älter ist.

Portrait einer Himba (Namibia 2011)


Ein später Erfolg für dieses Foto im internationalen Fotoportal YouPic! >>>

Dear Joachim, We’re thrilled to announce that your exceptional photography has earned you a place in our photo book. Your work stood out as a true reflection of your creative vision. Our photo book is a celebration of your unique perspective and dedication to the art of photography. Your contribution has made it all the more special. This is the photo we have chosen from you to be featured in the book.: The book will be distributed to our partners, industry leaders and yes even members of royal families around the globe. Thank you for being a part of our photography community. Your talent enriches our collective journey, and we can’t wait to share your work with a wider audience. Warm regards, Lisa

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